Where the Elite Buy Their Meat.
The tradition continues at Obexer’s General Store.  Now back under the
families operation since February of 2010.  Besides having generally a little
bit of everything, Obexer’s General Store offers its customers creative and
sumptuous deli sandwiches, breakfast burritos and bagels.  Gourmet house
coffees, espresso, mochas and lattes are second to none and a special treat
this deep on the Magical West Shore.  The hands down best craft beer
selection in all of Lake Tahoe is offered here.  Wine selection is also top
notch; with some hard to find selections you just don’t see at the big chain
grocery stores.  Liquor or spirits if you prefer, of course liquor!  How can
you have a general store without it?  A great selection of spirits is offered to
fit just about anyone’s needs, big or small.  And before we forget, did we
mention our own extensive selection of specialty private label salsas, pasta
sauces, dressings, marinades, mustards, olives and oils?  Look no further,
we’ve got them all.  

Obexer’s General Store isn’t just a great place to find great products, it’s a
happening place to sit, relax and hang out.  Whether it’s in our café during
the brisk mornings or out on the deck when it warms up, we are a great
place to start your day.  You can have your coffee, check your email with our
free WiFi and pick up a few things you missed at the store or the things you
just can’t find at the chain stores.  If you’re visiting a little later in the day,
enjoy a draft beer or glass of wine in the deck with your lunch or by itself.  
We also offer scooped ice cream and a Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog cart on the
deck.  So come on by, because we have just a little bit of everything you may
need, generally speaking of course…